Monday, January 21, 2013

Late night mumbo jumbo

More than once we all come across people saying “if you want something, put up more effort than it should”. Well, I took that to heart and have been doing just that. I’ve been told countless times that I shouldn’t but that hasn’t stop me.
Then toady struck by as if it was a sign from god or just thunder and lighting. I’ve come to realize what I have been doing is simply wasting this “effort”. I’ve put up a lot, invest a lot. Only to find that “excuse” and more of it.

My calculation to this mysterious phenomenon is “Amount of effort you put in + the time = Equivalent result”. With this equation, everything seems to be perfect. Its fair and valued right, right ? Yes, I believe so myself.
How ever, when the “amount of effort + time = “Inconsistently odd or insignificant return” we have a problem. Either the effort we put is too much to get the right amount of “result” and “value” or its too less. Based on the first equation above, when the “amount of effort” is less the end result would be less. Which is also to be expected. However when that is the exact opposite, we do have to re-evaluate where we stand.
I’m not an expert when it comes to these, but one should always know where to draw the line. A clear line to define “bullshit” from the rest.
For the time being, one equation that needs to be left to try out. Giving less effort and less time. The result by nature should be less, but who knows perhaps its just the right equation one should be using. 
To be continued….

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