Monday, May 19, 2014

Easy file sharing with Mac OS X Mavericks and Linux

Easy file sharing with Mac OS X Mavericks and Linux

This whole dilemma started when I got a Macbook pro for as a gift.  Being and open source enthusiast, my primary system and obvious OS of choice is a Linux laptop.

After having some time fiddling around OS X, I needed to transfer couple of files every now and then from my Linux box to the OSX without having to need another storage device.

Hello my friend google.
Not so good nor easy tutorial to follow. Most were related to afp.

And then it hit me. MacOS is just unix underneath. Samba! If I could get windows shares working over Samba, it could work on OS X too.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

FLOSS is the ideal choice for freedom

Without exceptions any of the Maldivian's who use a computer has used illegal pirated software. It is true, as far as technology is concerned; if we have to purchase software at the current high cost, we will be considerably backward. For a small community like us to keep up with the technology race it is a must. However, if we are using illegal pirated software, whether an individual, a business or a government agency, we are preparing ourselves for a disaster.