Saturday, July 5, 2014

iMessage Wores

It all start when I changed my Apple ID password. Now Apple ID is used to login to iMessage, Appstore iTunes and iCloud. Much like a gmail is used to use all the google services. Which is cool feature in my opinion since you get to control and sync multiple devices with one Apple ID.

I haven’t had a chance to change my Apple ID password for the past two months. With recent paranoia and out of habit, I decided to change my password once again.

As usual, changed my Apple ID password from the website It worked fine at first glance. Updated the iPhone with the new Apple ID password and the phone functioned as normal. However, my Mac OS refused to work as flawless as the iPhone. iTunes worked fine. But iMessage refused to accept my new password. How does one service accepts the new password and the other doesn’t ? The hell ?